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Live Action Cowboy Bebop review

Posted by Catninjaxd - December 4th, 2021

Okay so I finished watching all of Netflix's Cowboy Bebop adaptation and I'm very mixed on it. Firstly, I'm somewhat a huge fan of the original anime but think it's very overrated and forgettable but not bad by any means and this adaptation is quite something.

I'll get the positives out the way first, they nailed the atmosphere and world of the show perfectly probably because it uses the exact same music from the show but it really does feel like the anime universe came to life.

Jet and Spike are really well cast and are very accurate to their anime counterparts especially Jet as he's fucking great. "wHy Is JeT a bLAcK Man?", well why are Spike and Faye asian?

The humour and style of it is spot on and the filming is literally like an anime.

Unfortunately this is where the positives end. My biggest issue is they completely fucked the structure of the show making 10 40 minute episodes and messing with the episode order sometimes coming up with original plots which are terrible compared to the adaptations. The adaptation episodes of the Clown episode, environmental terrorist episode and the cult episode were alright. The worst episode was the flashback episode to when Spike was in the Syndicate with Viscious which was completely unnecessary and literally tonally different to every other episode.

Speaking of which Viscious is fucking awful and a full on cuck. His acting is laughable and meme worthy and you can tell that he's blatantly wearing a wig. Viscious was very forgettable in the OG show because he didn't show up but even then he trumps this version. Although the scene where he killed his higher ups was pretty awesome to watch. Faye is just a walking swearing machine and they made her a lesbian and she's nothing like her anime version and quite shit. Ed only showed up for the last 2 minutes so I can't really critique him but it was quite something to behold I tell ya.

They made the show a whole lot edgier as well with full on nudity, gore and naughty swear words which was a weird choice as the OG show was tame with that stuff.

Honestly it's not great but had some potential, I loved the first episode and was like "Finally a good live action anime adaptation" but that quickly went away. Honestly this is the best anime adaptation I've seen but that's not saying much. I mean what else is there? Live action DBZ, Last Airbender and Death Note? It had soul and respect for the OG but the OG is still much better even if it is overhyped and nowhere near 10/10 material.

I give Live Action Cowboy Bebop 5 sneeds out of 10

See you space cowboys



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